International Academy for Security and antiterrorism

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S.A.A.T. Security

International Academy for Security and Anti Terrorism

Class Timetable

S.A.A.T. security classes take place after apponitment

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to become a S.A.A.T member you need to be experienced in:

  • security
  • bodyguard V.I.P. protection
  • Special Forces
  • Military or Police
  • Any Anti-Terrorism experience
  • Civilian normal forces
  • Door men
  • Shop Security
  • Port or Airport Security
  • Other types of security
You have to prove your position by sending us document which reflects your experience.

You need to provide us with following information for your ID card:

  • Photo
  • Date of birth
  • Country
  • Position
  • Name and Surname

S.A.A.T membership will cost you 150 EUR for a year. 

Money has to be transferred to our bank account at the same time as your personal information.

Danske Bank (DK)
Account: 4619407032
RegNo: 1551
IBAN: DK1630004619407032
Name of account holder: Raffael Saar Liven

For us to be able to send you S.A.A.T Badge and ID CARD we will need your full address, e-mail and phone number.

Your position and photo will be printed on your ID card.

For those who have no experience and want to become

S.A.A.T members can take part in our seminars.

This letter was written by Kaicho Jon Bluming to Kaicho Raffi Liven in 1989.

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