Meet the most important

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Kaicho Raffi Liven's father

"Faivke" Shraga liven

The founder of Krav Maga

Imi Lichtenfeld

Kancho Liven met Imi Lichtenfeld the founder of Krav Maga first time in 1966 when he visited Imi Lichtenfelds dojo in Pinsker st, Tel Aviv.

In 1967 Kancho Liven joined the army where he developed and expanded his skills of self-defense. A part of the army training was of course Krav Maga. After his time in the army Kancho Liven traveled a lot studying, teaching and competing in various martial arts. In all those years he was teaching self-defense without ever using the name Krav Maga because Krav Maga was classified as a secret of the Israeli army. Already in 1970 he published his first book about self-defense in Israel.

Several years ago Kancho Liven met Imi Lichtenfeld again and the connection between them became like father and son. Kancho Liven started to visit Imi Lichtenfeld regularly, every time he came to Israel, so they got the time to discuss about Krav Maga and its techniques and training.


In this period of time Kancho Liven had the chance to show his own improvements of some of the techniques and Imi was thrilled to see the small changes. These small changes were based on Kancho Livens own experiences in practical fighting in the war, in the ring and at the streets working as a bodyguard in different countries and more than 10 years as a doorman in several wild bars in Denmark.

Kancho Liven visited Imi in his own town and one time Imi told Kancho Liven how happy he was that he kept developing and creating new techniques in Krav Maga. Imi Lichtenfeld was all the time even in his great age keen on seeing the development of his Krav Maga and finding somebody who is able to continue after him not only by repeating what he taught in his active time but also to go the way further and to keep Krav Maga a modern and effective self-defense system that is adjusted to the needs of the present time.

When Kancho Liven got the permission from Imi Lichtenfeld to teach Krav Maga outside from Israel he founded his organisation Krav Maga Liven International in order to announce Krav Maga to Europe. The aim of Krav Maga Liven International is to fulfil the wish of the founder of Krav Maga Imi Lichtenfeld – not just to stick to the old Krav Maga what he developed once but to continue the development in order to keep Krav Maga the unique way of self defence. The headquarter of Krav Maga Liven International is situated in Aarhus / Denmark.

Beside permanently courses, seminars for beginners as well as advanced students and instructors of Krav Maga are organized there regularly. If you want to visit us in Denmark contact us at info@shoshindo.dk

In 1994 Kancho Liven received his 8. dan in Krav Maga from Gadi Skornik (10. Dan Israel). On the pictures you can see Gadi Skorniks Dojo in Israel. In 2010 Kaicho Liven received the 10.Dan from Gadi Skornik.

Kancho Liven was shocked the first time he found out that someone was teaching Krav Maga and using the name Krav Maga outside of Israel. First time in 1996 Kancho Liven received the permission from Imi Lichtenfeld to teach Krav Maga outside of Israel. Several people witnessed this. Imi Lichtenfeld also gave Kancho a letter confirming this. John Johanessen from Norway was together with Imi and Kancho at this moment.

The founder of Kenpo Jitsu

Master Gadi Skornik

In 1969 I met Gadi Skornik on a Dakota Old Plane on the way to jump Parachute we have a small fight who will jump first …. after this meeting our ways never seperated  Gadi and I meet every year every month…..

 Gadi RIP