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  1. Hvorfor skriver folk på engelsk..eftersom domænet jo er dansk, og klubben jo eftersigende jo gerne skulle være i Århus i Danmark? ?

  2. Hello everyone, we are back from the summer holidays, now me and my sister Oshin are training more, we will hopefully get new belts, thank you kajcho. hope Kajcho and other karate teachers will be happy for us on Saturday. hope everyone had a good holiday 😁 with kind regards from me Doreen and my sister Oshin. ussssaaaa

  3. this is a nice place to be in with all the basics and advanced karate technics you need to become a karate master or if you want to be a world champion you have that too

  4. Hi kaicho, for the brown belt do we have to make titsui with no mistakes, or is it fine if we make a few tiny mistakes?


  5. I dag var træningen meget god jeg glæder mig til på søndag kl 12:00 til lit ekstra undervisning.

  6. Happy New Year dear Kaiju Rafa 😊 Happy New Year to you and I hope 2022 will be the best year for you. I’m so happy to be practicing next week and to see you too Thank you so much for everything. Best regards from Doreen⚘⚘⚘

  7. Hi everyone today is mine today I will be 8 years old hope all children come to the training where we will eat chocolate cake and drink Coke in the best Karate club in the world, I think. Of course I was allowed to by my cool and the best Kaicho – with loving greetings from me Doreen

  8. hi everyone hope everything is good, today is my day in the best karate club in the world I think … hope all children come today because we have to eat chocolate cake and drink Coke of course when I was allowed by my cool and best Kaicho. thank you and loving regards. Doreen

  9. hej alle sammen håber alt er god, idag er mit dag i den bedste karate kluben i verden synes jeg … håber alle børn kommer idag fordi vi skal spise chokoladekage og drikke Cola selvfølig da jeg fik lov af min seje og bedste Kaicho . tak og kærlig hilen. Doreen

  10. hi everyone hope everything is good, today is my day in the best karate club in the world I think … hope all children come today because we have to eat chocolate cake and drink Coke of course when I was allowed by my cool and best Kaicho. thank you and loving hilen. Doreen

  11. this place is the best place to learn karate it has all the things you need to learn and it is for the highest ranks and you can become one of those too! and it is also worth a try becuase the basics doesnt take too long to learn and the master kaicho raffi liven is very nice and put more than 60 years of hard work and he knows exactly the right way of karate he also has more than 30 million students that want to learn self defense in the right way.

    here is some things you need to know:
    karate means empty hands witch means that you want to help.
    you need respect disciplin loyalty and resposibility to become one of these masters
    kaicho knows what he is doing so there is no questions

  12. I know kaicho liven trough my own teacher,and shihan ruud van Vlaanderen from tiel/nl.we speak a lot about kaicho liven here and are proud to know himdeep deep respect.🙏👊OSU 👊🙏

  13. I am Beate. I really appreciate Kaicho Raffi Liven a lot. For more than 30 years I trained by Kaicho Liven. I travelled with him everywere. He came to Germany to teach us in Chemnitz, Potsdam and other towns. I travelled to Denmark many times to train by Kaicho Raffi Liven and I took part in many international competitions all around Europe representing ShoShinKarate Do. And I win in some of the competition. I was travelling to Israel many many times. For training, graduation of another masters and visiting old Masters, closed friends of Kaicho Raffi Liven. For example Master Dennis Survival Hannover, Gadi Skornik (rip) who was close to Kaicho Liven. I met also Eli Aviksar (rip) who was a close friend and colleque to Kaicho Liven. I met also Moshe Buchnik, the president of the Israel Karate Federation and also all Moshe Buchnik’s students. I also met Master Imi Lichtenfeld (rip) in Netanya when he was so excited to meet Kaicho Raffi Liven. Imi said that he learned a lot from Kaicho Raffi Liven. He said “Tell me Raffi – are the stupid my student? Raffi asked why? He answered: Over all this years no one of my students developed the Krav Maga, only you and I respect it a lot” He respected and liked Kaicho Liven a lot. Thats why I use any possibility to train with Kaicho Raffi Liven and I am jealoss on those who can train with him all the time.

  14. A club open to all, regardless of age, size and karate skills.
    The training is made so that everyone can participate, and at the same time you can improve yourself both physically and technically. most importantly, you have the opportunity to receive training from KAICHO RAFFI LIVEN 10.DAN.

  15. Endnu en veloverstået træningsaften, med hyggeligt selskab, latter, alvor, sved og lidt nunchaku.

  16. a really good place for all those who want to learn something new in life. Kaicho Raffi is very serious in his work and so so sweet person

  17. Det bedste sted at træne!
    God stemning, og en 10. Dan mester til at undervise. 👍
    Her lærer man virkelig noget man kan bruge, og det er altid under sikre og kontrollerede forhold.
    Jeg bor tættere på 3 andre Karate skoler, men kører hellere end gerne 45 km. hver vej, for at træne dér!

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