The World Academy of Martial Arts

About Us

The World Academy of

Martial Arts

The World Academy of Martial Arts is the meeting point for fighters from all over the World within Traditional Karate, fx. Sho Shin Karate Do, Shotokan, Kyokushinkai; Krav Maga – the Israelian Special Forces Training, Full Contact and Knockout System; Pancration – the ancient mixed fighting style, Kyokushin Budokai and Freefighting, Mixed Martial Arts – MMA. The teachers of the Academy teach in different styles.

Our Master

Kaicho Raffi Liven

With more than 60 years of experience in Martial Arts Kaicho Raffi Liven is one of the most qualified master and teacher you can find around the world. He is teaching in his main Dojo in Århus in Denmark and travels a lot all around the world to teach his many students in different countries and in different martial arts.