What is Krav Maga Liven International?

Krav Maga Liven International is the evolution of the Krav Maga system through the skill and experience of Kancho Raffi Liven. Kancho Liven's development of the system is one of the only developments accepted by the late Master Imi Lichtenfeld. Kancho Liven has utilized his vast street knowledge and experience and created the most simple and effective form of self defense ever created!

Kancho Raffi Liven and Imi Lichtenfeld were very close, over the years they developed a father/son relationship due to Imi's love for Kancho Raffi Liven's ambition and will to be great. Imi was always impressed with Kancho Liven's skill. He was particularly impressed with Kancho Liven during a meeting in which Kancho Liven began to show Imi the latest developments that he had made to the Krav Maga System. This really amazed Imi, for so long he wondered why none of his other students had taken the initiative to try to better the system that he had created.

Kancho Raffi Liven gained this knowledge through his many experiences over the years. He has served in the Israeli Army as a soldier and para-trooper, been the most well known bodyguard in Europe, served as a bodyguard for the President of the Carribean island of Martinique, as well instructing military units and special forces all over the world. Kancho Raffi Liven has more than 1000 fights to his credit with criminals and other bad people. Kancho Liven offers a way for the common man to prevail over their attacker and defend themselves in all situations. Kancho Raffi Liven's Krav Maga is the only form of self defense created from real street experience and street situations. Kancho Raffi Liven has taken the very best of various elements and combined them to form the perfect self defense system.