Kaicho Raffi Liven – 71 Birthday party and Seminar

You are welcome
Kaicho Raffi Liven - 71. Birthday

SAAT Security Seminar, 71 fights and a big party after - everybody is welcome, SAAT members and new people.

Ossu …
I am looking forward to seeing you….
for you information we make a party for my Birthday with

Part 1:  Saat Security Education efreshing and new Techniques
Part 2:  71 fighting  ……. Super Fighter …… we fight in a friendly way in All Styles of Martial Arts – learn different ways of fighting to be prepared
part 3:  We celebrate Kaicho Raffi Livens 71. birthday – everybody is welcome.


06/03/2020 friday – 18.00 for people from outside

07/03/2020 saturday – 12.30 – midnight
08/03/2020 sunday – 11.00 

in our academy in Denmark…
about invitation to teach in your country…
is important ….
all the Best and Respect
Osssu … Kaicho Raffi


Please call us for detailed information: (+45) 41 43 33 60




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